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Loading Times

Nomz Cat Blogger

Nomz Cat Blogger - "Loading Times"

Sitting there, in a room full of dudes, and the game is loading. There’s no music, nothing to play, just a bar slowly limping its way to the finish line like the handicapped kid you have to watch complete the race even though they sometimes move backwards or not at all. The best thing you can do is start up some small talk. If you’re the one who takes the dive, just make it short and sweet.

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Freedom To Experiment

Nomz Cat Blogger

Nomz Cat Blogger - Hypnonsense

I WAS having reoccurring dreams about having sex with one of my ex-girlfriends. It wasn’t that bad, it felt real. But when I awoke, it would put a damper on my day. Last week it happened two nights in a row. So I played one of those self-hypnosis videos on youtube with getting rid of those dreams in mind. It was basically some guy telling you to relax all your muscles… and it worked! Now I dream about some crazy shit like biting my fingers off. But hey! At least I feel good all day knowing I still have all ten fingers! :-)

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Mmmmm Subliminals


Nomz Cat Blogger - "Subliminal"

Subliminal tweets are just something thats apart of our lives now. If it’s good enough, the only way someone will ever know who it’s for, is if they follow both sublimenessers. And if it’s really good, no one will! It’s so artistic. It’s so clever. Why wouldn’t someone try they’re hand at an undisclosed announcement of sexual innuendo.

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Nomz Cat Blogger - "Borrow"

My friends and family seem to wonder how I can do it. After constantly being pushed to leave the nest and venture off to the wonderment of the world, my living situation is the new mystery. Whenever I visit my parents, which is often, I’m confronted with questions like, “you don’t get lonely living by yourself?” This question basically just borrowed my playstation and dropped it in water. Then asked me “Do you always give questions your valuables?” … Never again.

Nomz Cat Blogger

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